The artist first exhibited her work in Mexico in 1987 and continued with several exhibitions until 1992.
Then back to Europe Gudrun exhibited in different countries, everywhere in France and also in other parts of the world.
Her works were selected in more than 100 exhibitions, among them :

Cuernavaca Cultural Center (Mexico ,1989)
Galeria Cramer Polanco (Mexico, 1990)
Querétaro Museum (Mexico, 1991)
Aguascalientes Museum (Mexico, 1991)
Society of Sciences (Mexico, 1991)
Salon d’Automne (Paris, France, 1991 to 1993)
Galerie Arte Viva (Levallois Perret, France, 1992 to 1999)
Conseil Régional de l’Oise (Beauvais, France, 1993)
Tribute to Luis Nishizawa (Mexico, 1994)
Masako Ohya Exhibition (Humières, France, 1994)
International Fair (Kobe, Japan, 1997)
Trutnov Museum (Czech Republic, 1997)
International Fair (Kyoto ,Japan,1998)
Galerie Webster Fine Arts (Paris, France, 1998-99)
Galerie Celine (Paris, France, 2002)
Galerie Art Shaker (Paris, France, 2004 - 2006)
La Pagode (exposition individuelle Paris 8è, France - 2008)
Galerie Spectrum (Euskirchen, Allemagne 2009 - 2013...)
Ward-Nasse Gallery New York Soho 2011
Montserrat contemporary art gallery,
( New-York, USA 2011-2012 )
Echange culturel, Mackie Street Galleriy, Pretoria
(Afrique du sud 2012)
Gallery "El circulo Azul" Mexico DF. (Mexique 2012 -2013)
Group exhibition of South Africa / France
Orangerie in the Senate - (Paris 2013)


Alvaro J.Covacevich & Soledad Del Rio Larrain

In 2005, two of her paintings were chosen to illustrate Monique Lucenet’s book “la Grande Jatte,
Belle Isle en Seine”, relating the tradition of the painters of l’Ile de la Jatte near Paris.

In 2014 one of her painting in the book "La route des peintres en Méditerranée"
of Monique and Georges Lucenet

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